Stiftelsen Folldal Gruver (SFG) is a trust established by Folldal Municipality in 1988. Its’ main task is to ensure continued preservation of buidlings, machinery and equipment from the mining operation, and to convey the history of mining in the region.

An extensive restoration programme is underway, and many of the buildings have been restored. Along with the preservation work, development of the museum is an important area of focus.

Contact information

Stiftelsen Folldal Gruver

Adress: Verket 43, 2580 Folldal
Phone: 62 49 05 05
E-mail: post@folldalgruver.no

Folldal Tourist Information

Phone: 948 13 948
Web: www.visit-folldal.no
E-mail: post@visit-folldal.no

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